Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Paris Sewing Room

I've arrived back in Paris. As usual...I've gotten a couple of cross stitch ornaments well under way with all the air travel between Alaska and Paris. I finished Plymouth Santa.

I've gotten to my favorite part of construction on Jamestown Santa...adding the beads.

I've been very forgetful about taking photos as I've gotten back into the swing of hanging out in Paris. Tomorrow we take the train to Mainz, Germany which is a nice little community outside of Frankfurt. We went there twice last year and I am looking forward to going again. This time we are going to stay two days past the conference so my husband will actually spend some time with me being a tourist. I usually have to entertain myself and then we rush back to Paris once a conference is done. But this year we are trying to enjoy our travel opportunities a little more. Our French lessons last year took a lot of my husband's free time. I'm officially done with formal classes...out of money and inclination. I get by with my "pigeon French."  When I was in Alaska my husband spent most of his time working on his French lessons. He can be my interpreter when I get stuck!

My first morning here I had to go to the Saturday market. It was soooo busy! I was a bit overwhelmed being around so many people again. I brought so much work for my sewing room that I could easily stay busy in it for the next six months...I will have to force myself to get outside everyday! 


Donna quilts said...

Definitely get outside every day and enjoy the culture and experiences. And don't forget to take photos to share with us! Are you making those ornaments for yourself, or gifting?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I had noticed you hadn't been blogging much lately and thought you must have went back to France. It must be hard to learn another language. I think it would be easier to find a quilting/crafting friend and learn French from them - easier said than done I'm sure!
have fun