Thursday, November 21, 2013

Market Day

There is a trucker's strike today...which means at some point...probably during rush hour...trucks will block all lanes of traffic on the highways around Paris for a little while. So my husband is working from our apartment today and not driving into work. Fun for me. I had someone to shop with at the Thursday market. Only thought to get a photo at our last stop, the Rotisserie booth.

Potatoes line the bottom shelf of the rotisserie oven where all the meat juices drip on them as they cook. On the table you can see the containers of roasted potatoes with all the meats ready to go! We bought one small roasted chicken (to the left of the potatoes) for 12 Euros...equivalent to $16 US. I'd much rather have a roasted chicken from Costco for $5 but it beats cooking. We also picked up two roasted sausages which I plan to use in black bean soup with my stash of Rotel tomatoes. It would have been much  cheaper to buy a chicken leg and thigh for only $1.60 Euro but I'm a white-meat lover so we have to pay the big bucks.

Got a little work done on a stocking. Hubby was working late so I watched a few episodes of "Game of Thrones," season I. I have only managed to see a few of the the season III episodes on my flights between Paris and Anchorage. I was so frustrated to start reading those books and then find out the author still has two more to write. I hate being left dangling for years!

I officially finished two stockings...I'll have some Christmas decorations for the Paris apartment. Almost time to start putting those up!

I love the chair Santa is sleeping in...and of course the quilt on his lap!

My husband and I always loved the Wizard of Oz this day we sing along when the movie is on television...that must be why our kids hate that movie!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the wizard of oz too - I keep telling the kids I need to find a good poster from the show to hang in the storm shelter (LOL) they think I have a weird sense of humor.
roasted potatoes with the drippings on them sound so good!

sophie said...

There is nothing quite like a French Truckers strike. Just reading about it in your post brought back my own truckers strike memories from when I lived in the south of France and HAD to get around the trucks to go into work. It always made me smile that whenever there was a strike, it was announced in advance so everyone could plan their day around the inconvenience. It's such a civilized way to disrupt commerce.