Monday, November 24, 2014

A Good Start to the Week

Last Friday morning I got mail at our Paris apartment. It was a notice that I had an appointment today to get my fingerprints taken for my annual renewal of my French visa. It was incredibly short notice and about three weeks earlier than I expected. Once again, my husband's company provided someone to hold my hand through the process. Today's appointment was so much quicker than last year's and I get to pick up my completed visa on December current one actually expires on the 11th. Last year I was two months behind...I'm getting this process down now!

I managed to get all the sashing and rows put together on my Paris Flower Shop quilt. Next up will be the borders. I'll double check my math tomorrow and get them started. I played with the colors in the photo to try and get it closer to what it looks like in actual daylight. 

I am halfway through adding the red and white checked inner border for my Christmas wall hanging.

I've got a wavy area on the outside edge in the middle where Santa's tummy is drawing the fabric up. 

Normally by the time I add the backing to one of these projects it is enough to flatten out any issues like this...not this time. I am going to try backing the entire piece with another layer of felt...maybe some red to peak out behind the green. Red is the only color of felt yardage I have on hand that might work.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you get a lot done! sounds like you are getting all the French paper work down but this is your last year there right! LOL - it takes awhile doesn't it when living in a country not your own

Béa said...

I really love your top so far. XXX

Donna quilts said...

Your Paris flower shop quilt top is so pretty - can't wait to see it with the borders on.

Lynette said...

Can felt be blocked, like sweaters and quilts?