Friday, November 14, 2014

A Mini Outing

Tonight we went on a little adventure. Bryan had heard Paris has a Chinatown. We went in search of food. There was very little actual "Chinese" food but we did find a lot of Vietnamese and some Thai and Lao restaurants. Somehow...we managed to pick the "hot spot" for Vietnamese Pho restaurants. A table had just opened up when we walked in so we got seated right away and then proceeded to watch a huge line form outside this very small restaurant. We were on the early side for Paris...about 6:45 p.m. Many French restaurants don't open for dinner service until 7. This place is open break between lunch and dinner.

Not a great photo...a rainy day with a drippy night though the clouds were not dropping rain on us right then.

This restaurant is called Pho 14. Just before we found it, we almost went into one called Pho 13 but we decided to look a little bit before committing. We chose wisely!

It was good to get out as I spent all day rained most of today.

I played with the fabric I will be using for my setting triangles on the Paris Flower Quilt. I just hate the lighting in our apartment but I'm feeling pretty confident about my fabric choices so I got the sashings cut. (The colors just don't look right in this looks  much better in person).

I also got a couple of more letters satin stitched on my Christmas wall hanging. Will I get it done in time? 

The Bowling Santa stocking is humming along. Before Santa's beard went on, I redid his bowling shirt...the first go round had the shirt assembled in sections which left Santa with a weird line down the middle of his fat belly! I made the shirt one piece and then added it to the stocking Santa has the proper, smooth, round belly.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the bowling Santa! you must pretty much have a choice of restaurants - being in the area you are - here LOL fast food and steak houses mainly

sophie said...

It made me smile to read that the state of Chinese restaurants hasn't changed since I lived there 25 years ago. I learned to embrace the Vietnamese restaurants in my town back then, too.