Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Projects

Sometimes my husband does a late shift at his office...since he works for Fed Ex that is often a given...after is a "Fly by Night," business. So I put a mini series on the DVD player and settled down for several hours of serious stitching.

I am now just one letter short of finishing the dreaded satin stitched lettering.

I did the final few stitches of a Santa ornament I mainly worked on while riding the train to and from London...yep...via the chunnel. Though not always cheaper than air travel...the trains are usually much less of a hassle and very speedy.

This is "Nordic Santa." He needs a beard and mustache.

And I got the front of the stocking done for "Bowling Santa." Now to line and add the backing.


carol fun said...

I love all of your Christmas projects and I am in awe of your satin stitch - it is beautiful and I know first hand it isn't easy to do -- you go girl!

Ramona said...

I agree... Your satin stitching is gorgeous. And I love your bowling Santa stocking. I have one of the older tropical Santa stockings I had hoped to get done this year, but have not started it. Next year!!