Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hubby had a business trip to London so I joined him and we turned it into an anniversary celebration. Twenty-five years!

We have always been able to avoid the rain on our trips to London and this time we had good weather again. We did a few different things than the usual museum trips. In this photo you can see the HMS Belfast. We did a tour of it...very interesting!  It was a light cruiser in the Royal Navy. Participated in D-Day. It is now a wonderful museum. To the left of the ship is the Tower of London and in the background the Tower Bridge.

Went to the London Zoo. I was surprised at how small it was...after all the British empire was so extensive at one time...and the entrance fee was pretty spendy! Guess I have been spoiled by so many  great American Zoos. On my visit, the tigers were definitely the highlight. This one was licking the glass as it paced along in front of its audience. 

Did a quick look at the Tower of London's last few days of the Armistice Day display of over 850,000 ceramic poppies to commemorate the 100th anniversary for a World War I remembrance. All of the poppies were almost through being removed. Can you imagine? This is such a small area left with poppies and it looks awesome.

I decided I had best try some typical British food...we normally eat ethnic...Indian and Asian fare being our favorite when we visit London. We hit a typical pub and I got a pasty...tasted just like my Mom's Marie Calendar frozen chicken pot pie! 

Our hotel had a lovely anniversary gift for us in our room.

I am so happy I have a husband who enjoys musicals! We saw, "Les Miserables." Always so interesting to see how such a show is accomplished on a stage! We also saw a fun musical comedy, "Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels."

Jumping on a train and heading home to Paris tomorrow.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

congratulations! what a wonderful little surprise from the hotel for your anniversary - looks delicious. I've got your way beat in the marriage department 42 years for us - I guess I'm a lot older than you LOL glad the weather was decent

audrey said...

Wonderful to spend an anniversary in London! I've always wanted to visit there. Love the field of poppies--very touching I'm sure. And big congrats on making it through the years together. The fact that your spouse likes musicals probably makes it easier.:) lol

LynCC said...

Congratulations!! What a fun anniversary - get to live in Paris, vacation in London. . . :)

Donna quilts said...

Happy anniversary! It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate.

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary!