Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Sewing Room Chat

The center section of El Dorado is in one piece. 

I started making flying geese for the borders. I messed up and only cut a third of the green triangles. Plenty of fabric so it's just a matter of cutting more. The strips will be sub-cut for tree trunks.

I didn't have any success finding the Bottom Line thread in gray at any of the local quilt shops...but I did buy my first "Row by Row" kit. No one could resist this quintessential Alaska design...and it was in batiks. If you aren't familiar with the "Row by Row" nationwide quilt program...just check out the Alaska Facebook page for the event...too many extremely cool rows to collect just in this state!
Link to Alaska Row by Row 

Two more nights of work on my Santas. Next up is adding boots. These two are going much quicker than the first two in the kit. Bet I'll really whip through the last two!

And just a little more news about the puppy...this isn't the one I am getting from the litter but it is such a funny picture. The puppies went outside for the first time last week and one of the males decided to take a nap in the water bowl. I think I will inquire if he is still available...I think he would fit perfectly in our home! Puppies are like potato chips...one really isn't enough.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I will check out the link for the row by row had not heard of this one, love your quilt you are making.

Donna quilts said...

What an adorable puppy photo! Your quilt is looking great.

CecileD said...

The puppy is too funny !! Maybe you must buy a tub for him ....if yours will do the same !!^^
Love your quilts with its colors !! So cute....

Sally said...

I have tried to figure out how to get one of the free patterns for Alaska....I don't know anyone there who might be willing to obtain one for me...Have almost all the other states covered with former military friends and family but Alaska eludes me! So jealous that you got one!!! I love your quilts....they are restful and so beautifully done...again, jealous of the time you have available to piece and quilt! Thank you for sharing...you truly are an inspiration!

Lynette said...

ROFL!! That does not look the least bit comfortable. :) Funny puppy.

El Dorado is looking so beautiful. Love that green for the flying geese.