Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick Friday Post

No internet last happy it is back on this morning! My order of Bottom Line thread came in yesterday. Of course I didn't just order the thread...I also bought a new ruler for my midarm. I think this lack of bobbin thread was a serendipitous event. The new ruler is just what I need to make my next round of straight line grid of stitches in all the ovals....funny how that happens! I was planning to just use an awkward rotary cutting ruler. 

The latest batch of ornaments backed and ready for Christmas. All of these were on perforated paper of different colors so I had to swap out floss color to stitch them to the felt backing.

And the fronts of these two Santa ornaments are ready to sew to the backsides.


Sally said...

Looking good, Debbie! I went and got the 3 Celtic Santa ornaments to stitch...still haven't even opened the seafaring Santas yet....tell me, is there a trick to these? Or just follow the directions? Thanks for inspire me!

Bonnie said...

Could you tell us a little more about how you attach the wool felt to the backsides of your perforated ornaments please? I have always just glued the felt but I think I would like handsewn even better. Thanks.