Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Roundup

I have been humming along on my midarm...making good progress. Then I realized I was almost out of the gray Bottom Line thread that I am using for the bobbin. July 4th weekend...there was only one quilt store in the Anchorage area open and they were out of the gray color. I have ordered a new cone online but will check out the stores that will be open tomorrow and see if I can find a spool to get me through a few days. 

Never fear....there is always another project to tackle. I have the two center rows pieced. Once I get all of the corner sections put together I will add them to the center rows. It is slow going when sewing all these points that meet up. Love the look of this design but when I design a quilt I always think of ways to avoid matching so many points to each other. In this case I am basting every intersection first and checking before doing the final stitching. 

It took several nights to stitch felt backings to all of these cross stitch ornaments. I have a few left in the pile to stitch on the backings. But all of these are what I got done since September of last year.

Close to finishing up another trio. I like to outline the teeth and add the beads all at the same "assembly line method."

Another few nights of working on these Santa ornaments.

I wanted to share my latest furniture addition. These patio Adirondack chairs are made of the synthetic wood like our Trex decking. They match our deck ! Very comfortable and impervious to our extreme climate. But the best feature is these are folding chairs so they can be stored away for the winter. They are incredibly heavy...very well made. Love them! If you are looking for some Adirondack style patio furniture, check out the line from Phat Tommy. They come in lots of great colors. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love those chairs! did you have to put them together? I have wanted to find some like this and like the recycled type as we have such wet weather sometimes you have to watch what you get or it can rot quickly

Donna quilts said...

Wow! I know that you show us a cross stitched ornament or two from time to time - but have you ever done a lot of them since September! They're lovely. Do you keep them all for your own tree?

Kim Brackett said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous! And I love all the little ornaments. So much detail!