Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby Steps

It is time to get a little work done...puppy nap time! In our "new" house, my sewing room is in the basement and has a large dog run off the basement door. It is so very convenient. Kinley spends all day in my sewing room or the dog run. At night she sleeps in a crate in our bedroom where she can see me at all times. Every power cord is unplugged and out of reach except my desk area and I just figured out I can easily get all of those power cords out her reach too! When I leave the house she goes in the crate in this photo...too big for her right now but she will grow into it. She is rarely alone but just like a toddler...I loose track of her all too quickly! I am taking advantage of all this "forced" time in my sewing room...when I really can't sew...I'm organizing. I could easily spend a month or more doing that in my sewing room!!!

Kinley is small enough that she spends a bit of time laying in my lap, napping. I have been able to get some embroidery done at those times. My fifth Santa ornament is in the final construction stage...sewing the backside pieces to the front.

I start from the top of the ornament and work my way down. 
From the backside you can see where I have added sculpting stitches. (Not very easy to see actually...which is a good thing.) It is easy to hide the stitches on the front side but I just try to make them as neat as possible on the backside.

The final step will be adding these cute little cherries to the hat.

I have been working on writing my pattern for Paris Flower Shop.
 I have also been developing the quilting design.

I keep telling myself to try and keep it simple!
 But I definitely want this to have a very "girlie" look to it.

Kinley is still napping. What should I tackle now?


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like a puppy is as much work as a baby!

Sally said...

The quilting you've designed is incredibly girly...certainly not simple, but simple wouldn't really bring out the beautiful design of the fabrics either. Kinley is so fortunate to have all that room to roam and still be safe with you. I always love seeing your ornaments....they are inspiring!

Dawn said...

I have always wondered how quilters work out their designs. What is the material/plastic that you are drawing on? Its a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing it.

CecileD said...

Hello Debbie !
Love your quilting designs !!!! Your quilt is going to be beautiful !
Your puppy is sooooo sweet !! :)
Hugs !

Michelle said...

I love that flower quilting design on the blocks. it will be a stunner.