Monday, August 24, 2015

Parting with a UFO

I am trying to go through my "stuff." That means confronting UFOs.

Here is one started in 2008, a Moda U pattern. I don't like anything about it anymore but I did some really nice work on the applique so I hate just throwing it away...but really...I don't want a quilt from these blocks. I guess I should just look at it all as practice and get over it. Very silly to continue to store it when I have so many other projects I would really like to spend my time on.

Goodness knows, I should really spend most of my time quilting the 15 tops I have finished instead of starting anything else. But I am not the quickest quilter...even with a midarm. I just finished stitching in the ditch around all the blocks and stashing when I discovered two lines of bad looping on the backside. Darn! It will be a quick fix...but gosh...I hate tension issues. I know there are a few master longarm quilters who refuse to work with batik backings. I am just stubborn about it I guess but I've had trouble with non-batiks too so I'm going with what I love since I plan to use my quilts on beds. 

Meanwhile...McKinley thinks everything I do is wonderful. When you are an take way too many puppy pictures! My husband has been in Paris since July 31st and he requests daily photos. So just like all those "first day of school" photos I have been seeing on Facebook..I have my puppy bragging photos.

I do have some fun Alaska photos. Both my sons are pilots but one is working this summer flying tourist around Denali park and landing on glaciers around Mount McKinley. Here's the plane he is flying...notice the skiis.

Here's a panoramic photo he got a few days ago. Mount McKinley is in the distance on the right horizon.

He will have a couple of days off and will be back in town. I've been requested to fix dinner for the next few nights. I'm looking forward to seeing him but no idea what to put on the menu plan.


Michelle said...

getting rid of old UFO's you don't want to finish is a great idea. Someone in your breakfast club will love those blocks I bet.

I use batik backings a lot too, not too many problems. At least with tension that bad it will be quick to rip out:)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I agree if you don't want the ufo's get rid of them or pass them to some one who might want them - you might ask on your blog if anyone wants them so they won't go to waste. I have gotten rid of a few blocks here and there that I never finished or didn't want anymore.
Love the doggie photos! Love batiks sorry you had loopy problems on the back! I hate tension issues and have the hardest time solving them.

CecileD said...

Whaaaaat ? No batiks in yours beautiful blocks ????
OMG !! Come on Debbie, as you wrote, you made beautiful appliqués so, I'm sure you're going to have a gorgeous quilt at the end !!
Love the photo with your dear puppy !!
Hugs !

kellsgal said...

Washing the backing fabric and using a little fabric softener has help me with my tension problems. I have also loosened the quilt on the frame. I don't roll it as tight as I used too.

Your quilts are gorgeous. I can't wait to hear about the fair. Miss my Alaska quilting buddies. Melody

Sally said...

While it is so very hard to get rid of things we've started and never finished, giving it to someone else who will finish it always makes my heart lighter. I know I won't complete it and why let it take up space in my house? Someone else can finish it and love it and get much more joy from it that I can. JMHO.

Donna quilts said...

What an interesting and wonderful job your son has - flying tourists around the beautiful landscape! Although I'm also aware of all the responsibility that comes with it. A great experience for him.
Love the puppy photos! Just like children - you can never take too many.
Your basket blocks are lovely but I know it's hard to complete a project when your heart's not in it. Perhaps your guild would want to complete the project and donate or raffle it off for charity?

Suzanne said...

I so appreciate you sharing your Alaska photos. My husband use to live in your area and he sure enjoys seeing photos. Your UFO is great!