Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good News

I read my emails this morning and heaved a great sigh of relief...the second crate has been found! We had just gotten the word on Monday that the first crate was approved to be sent to us but I don't think it has actually left Paris yet either. It is still a great mystery...though my husband works for Fed Ex...the move is being handled by an international moving service and the crates are being put on a Delta airplane to get to the U.S. That's all I know so far. If only we could put it all on a Fed Ex  plane...with a tracking number...all the way to our house.

I have seen lots of critters this summer but the sightings have been at the wrong time for me to get a photo...finally one bull moose has cooperated. His antlers are covered with velvet. He is huge!!! I did not get out of my car or linger in the area to cause him any irritation.

Fall is definitely in the air. 
Our morning temperatures are in the 40s. 
Fall is my favorite season in Alaska. 

I turned in my quilts for the state fair before I came up with an excuse not to follow through. I saw some very pretty quilts sitting on the table when I was checking in. Sounds like several of the local quilt stores have started getting new lines of fabric in...big sales starting tomorrow. I think puppy McKinley will get her first training about going to the quilt store and waiting patiently for me in the car. She is wonderful about being calm in her crate so I expect it will all go smoothly...except that I will probably spend too much on more fabric that I don't need.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such a pretty shot of the moose! thanks for posting that. glad to hear your belongings have been found and on their way to you - good luck on your quilt

Donna quilts said...

Thank goodness they've found your missing crate! You must be so relieved. Have fun at the quilt shop sales!

CecileD said...

Automn is coming in Alaska ? Ohhhh I guess you're happy !! :)
That's a good news for your crate !

Rebecca in AK said...

So glad to hear they found your crate! Good luck at the fair. Your quilt is beautiful! I have never entered a quilt in a competition. Your moose photo reminded me I have a couple I have not posted yet. We had a Mama and her calf in the yard a while back.