Monday, August 10, 2015

Quilting Progress...On Paper

I'm going to the latest puppy picture first. She is such a doll. Sleeping very well through the night. McKinley is now 11 weeks old. I have been a bit nervous when out walking lately...lots of bear sightings by neighbors and I see lots of new bear scat but so far the bears and I haven't crossed paths. My husband says they are heading up the mountainsides because it is time to start eating berries. That makes complete sense...just hope I continue to miss them on their meanderings on our mountainside. Kinley might look a little too tasty to them!

I have segregated Kinley to my sewing room as it is the only true space she can't ruin with potty accidents. What a good excuse to spend most of my days in the studio! I have been working on a quilt design using these patriotic fabrics. I never work in these colors but the special Quilts of Valor batik with the fireworks print grabbed my attention.

In the hours I have spent working on the design in EQ7, I could have finished sewing the top. It just took forever to get what I saw in my head into a quilt design. Being able to preview fabrics is my favorite part of using EQ!

Of course it is a huge quilt...the red and white star blocks are 14-inch blocks. I did try to go smaller...really I did! Right now it is at an 84-inch square. more living in Paris. I am home, in Alaska for good. I had several folks ask about Paris since I mentioned half of our household goods shipment is missing. It is still missing. Everyday I think of something else in the shipment I want right now! I had a lot of my specialty rulers in Paris sewing room.


Vicki W said...

I love your quilt design!

Ramona said...

Your design is so striking and perfect for your fabric. Looking forward to seeing it come together.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow,still missing the shipment from Paris - do they have any idea where it is? hope they find it for you. That puppy sure is pretty.

CecileD said...

I hope you will find your affairs back from Paris so quickly !
Your QOV is so awesome and your puppy so sweet !! :)

Donna quilts said...

Hopefully your shipment from Paris will turn up soon! McKinley is adorable! She has such a sweet face - a person couldn't scold her for potty accidents.