Sunday, December 20, 2015

Doll Making and Bear Stockings

I'm trying to work on my moose doll project. Making 22 is rather ambitious. I am trying to tackle the project by using an assembly line method. There are four legs for each doll. Last night I finally got all of the legs stuffed and the hooves painted. My next step is to stuff all the heads and bodies.

Just because these quilted stockings are so cute...I must share them.

 There is always that one adorable pattern that starts an obsession...this is "that one." Bear Aloft. The blue ribbon around the bear's tummy is holding a parachute on his back in place. Love that little detail. These were my first needle turn applique projects.

Teddy Aboard. Love the train engineer's kerchief. I did all of the quilting on these stockings by hand.
 This is one of my favorites! This little bear has his fishing vest. Bear by the Hook. When my sons were younger, they used to move this bear around the stairway railing where I had these stockings hanging. I was always trying to find him and put him back in his canoe.

This stocking has to be on my top ten list. I love her adorable apron, the pot holders with the gingerbread men buttons. Happiness was finding the perfect wooden spoon. Gingerbread Bear

Teddy Angel. I would love to redo this stocking someday. Okay...really...I would love to make all of them again in different fabrics!

There are more designs to share...another day.
These patterns are Hearthsewn designs. The designer used to have a website to purchase them but I didn't find it in my google search. She used to come out with a new stocking design every year. Despite having made 18 of her designs...I still have two of her patterns to tackle...maybe they should go on the list for 2016 goals.


Ramona said...

Oh dear, Debbie... Now you have shown me something else I'm going to have to look for and make. My daughter is dating a pilot and that bear stocking with the plane is just too cute. There are not enough hours in the day! :)

Dawn said...

You really do like Christmas Stockings !!! I just love the little bears on these ones. Have a wonderful Christmas back in Alaska and stay warm. We'll be having a hot Christmas Day in the pool. Look forward to your posts next year.