Thursday, December 10, 2015

Enjoying the Season

This sweet Christmas banner is happily up for the season. I fumbled around with different ideas on how I wanted to hang it. I decided I just wanted two nails to hold the stick but wanted to hide the nails a little. So I made some giant holly leaves and put a tiny red glass ornament with each. Looks like my stick is sagging...I'll get a thicker one next year.

Not much snow lately but lots of cold temperatures which puts a layer of gorgeous hoar frost over everything. I love how it looks. It just really dresses up our part of the world.

I just finished the Celtic Santa ornaments. It took me a month to finish all three.

I am really hoping to make some of these critters this weekend...Merry and Chris Moose.

I did all this bragging about how good my seven-month old dog has been...then she let me down. While showering yesterday, I realized she was not in sight...she was busy jumping up on my night stand and grabbing my brand new glasses that cost $600. I have only had them about two months. 

The good news....I bought replacement new pair will be here in about two weeks. That was the best $15 I ever spent!


Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, just caught up on all your posts, I just love seeing your Bucilla's hanging around your house and all those you have been busy. Such a different Christmas over here, sunny and hot with lots of cold salads and seafood on the day. I am up to 4 stockings now and slowly building them up.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad you got that insurance! naughty puppy!

CecileD said...

I'm sorry for your glasses ! Not a good point for Kinley !! Grrrrr.. ! :)
Love your banner ! It's just your style and it is very cute !!
In France the temperatures are very ...automnal ! Fog and fog and ....fog and humidity !! Well....beurk :(! (In French in the text !! Lol !)
I wish you a lovely weekend !
Hugs !
PS : Congrats for your husband ! Say Aloha to him !! ;)

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh dear! So glad you have insurance on your glasses!
LOVE the celtic ornaments!