Saturday, December 5, 2015

Five Minute Tree Skirt

I am addicted to making stockings...I have never gotten around to making a single tree skirt. I have at least two Bucilla tree skirt kits and a number of quilted tree skirt patterns. I usually just wrap the bottom of the tree in a piece of fabric from my stash. 

This year with all the burlap popped into my head to take the wide rolls of burlap used in floral arrangements and make a tree skirt.

I cut a straight edge with the grain of the burlap and then picked two threads at the top to start gathering. Once I had enough to go around half the tree base I doubled the fabric and cut off the excess.

Then I pulled two threads from the other side.

The loose weave makes this a quick process.

I tied the raw edges to the backside, using the gathering threads.

It would look better with a wider piece of burlap...maybe next time I am in JoAnn's Fabrics I will remember to look for some.

A narrower piece of burlap went around a smaller tree.

I had some glitzy white burlap in my stash so I used it around this little tree.

My next crafting dilemma is figuring out a cute way to hang a Bucilla  project. My first attempt just wasn't right. I have another idea! It involves adding some felt holly leaves...have to make those.

Meanwhile...Kinley is getting rather bored with all this Christmas decorating.

Definitely a spoiled princess.


CecileD said...

Your Christmas decorations are awesome !!
Kinley doesn't play with them ?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have heard so many complain of their pets getting into the xmas decorations and seem to think it is funny! So glad your princess seems to leave things alone it is all so pretty. She is growing and growing. I keep thinking of making a new skirt for the tree and never get around to it - one day!

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning!! Just love the way your Bucilla stockings frame your it 14 or 16 to see more of your holiday decoration. What picture is that behind your little tree...did you craft that too?