Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Daily Goals Met

The past two days I have managed to get two rows sewn together, per day, for my "Strip Lash" quilt. There are a total of 20 rows so I am almost halfway.

Each day I want to finish hand sewing a stocking front to a stocking back...two days...two stockings done. Four more to go.

My new house projects arrived yesterday. My husband's office wall and desk plus my huge thread cabinet with an ironing board top. I plan to tape sensitive areas and sand all the surfaces after I write this post. It would be a great bonus if I could get the first bit of staining done. My husband's wall unit will be two tones of stain so it will be important to stain one color first and let it really get nice and dry before moving to the second color. 

And we started an exterior project...thank goodness I'm not working on this one. Our handy man and my husband will be building various parts of a large shed. The foundation posts are in with support braces welded in place. Notice there is no snow on the ground...not a flake in site. Warm air from Hawaii has been hanging out in much of Alaska for several weeks. It was colder in Phoenix, AZ a few days ago. We don't like this "no snow" business...too dark without it to brighten up the place when we don't get much sunlight.


Sally said...

Debbie, that wall unit looks amazing...please show it when it's done. And that thread cabinet is inspiring envy in this girl!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

weird not to have snow I bet - you had it for Xmas didn't you? well love to see the cabinet when it is done!

Dawn said...

Love the new blog header - nice start to a new year. Seems funny to have no snow in Alaska in Winter - something I just never thought about ! Very jealous of your new cabinet, I'm sure you'll fill every corner of it.

CecileD said...

I love the colors you used for your hexies ! This will be a gorgeous quilt as usual !!