Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Cabin Fever Yet

Being housebound is a good thing in many ways. I did some major "spring cleaning" on the main level of my house. Boring...but good exercise. I installed the wall-mounted frame for my husband's office television. He gets home tomorrow...he'll be a happy camper! I'm not a great winter driver but I can operate simple house tools fairly competently.

 Opened up a jigsaw puzzle my husband got me for Christmas. I love puzzles...but I really think they are a waste of time...unless you are housebound!

And as a treat for cleaning my my main level....I hung some quilts to replace the Christmas themed ones.

This is the first quilt we ever made in our Breakfast Club. It was also one of the first I quilted when I got my Nolting Fun Quilter. Nothing fancy...a simple freehand swirl. 

Then I quilted this about two years after I got my quilting machine. If you are a fan of Nancy Halvorsen this will be a very familiar pattern. I completely followed her pattern along with her fabrics. This is hanging in my tiny kitchen breakfast nook.

And right by my front door is a quilt I finish two years ago. I advanced to double batting which really makes the machine quilting pop. This pattern uses strips and layer cakes. 

I just can't seem to get in the machine quilting groove. Very frustrating but if the designs won't come to me...what can I do? Start another top. I'm going way out of my usual color scheme and making a patriotic quilt. I am hoping I can hang it up this fourth of July.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like you are getting a lot done! Love all your quilts and sounds like you are quite handy with the tools!

Ramona said...

So sorry to read about your accident, but I'm glad you weren't injured. Your quilts look great. And getting the cleaning done is a huge accomplishment!

CecileD said...

My favourite goes to the Log...with his colors and his setting !
Lovely but I'm sure you will know it ! ha ! ha !
Thank you for sharing Deb !
Have a nice Monday !

Donna quilts said...

You've certainly been busy! I love the quilt hanging by your front door. I saw that pattern a few years ago and although I never made it, it always catches my eye.

Rebecca said...

I used to do a lot of jigsaw puzzles and then I started quilting. To me a quilt is a puzzle that you can put on the bed,wal or baby and enjoy so much longer.

LizA. said...

My best quilting buddy gave me a wonderful quilting design book for Christmas -- "Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book" by Amanda Murphy. I'm finding this book very helpful when I'm stumped as to how to quilt a top.