Thursday, January 28, 2016

Too Much Drama

I was patting myself on the back for doing great on my winter driving...and it has been a difficult winter with little snow and lots of ice. But...I got taken down yesterday. I made a right turn onto my neighborhood street and continued to keep going right...slowly sliding off the road. No car was even damage free. But I needed a tow truck to pull me out. There was also the problem that the road I slid off was a solid sheet of ice and no sign of a sanding/gravel truck coming to save the day.

Once the tow truck showed up the plan was to pull my car up on the road and while it was hooked to the tow truck...ease it down the road to my driveway which was only the length of a football field away...but all downhill on the wet sheet of ice.  The plan included having me in the car so I could try to steer it. (Yep...that part of the plan was pretty sketchy too) So...I got in the car and patiently sat while the tow truck pulled me up to the street.

Then the towing cable that was supporting my vehicle snapped. OOPS! Then my car went careening farther down the mountain side and stopped when it hit two trees. Luckily...again...I was not hurt at all but it was such a disappointing end.

Now there is damage to my car.

The sanding/gravel truck showed up 4 hours later...right after the towing company finally got my car out and loaded on a flatbed truck to take it to a body shop. At least all my neighbors got home safely from work. I did watch one on my neighbors slide down sideways in her car before the gravel truck showed up. She was very lucky...she stayed on the road and didn't hit anything.

 The roads continue to be horrible as we keep getting a light rain and then freezing temperatures. 

And of course...pilot hubby is on a trip. He'll be gone four more days. He laughed hysterically when I told him the story...I didn't know I was such a comedian. I guess you'd have to know I have a little history with wacky situations that sometimes involve operating a car.

Oh...and my handyman was at my house when I initially got stuck. He is working on building a shed for us. He left before the tow truck showed up and had a very exciting ride down the mountain...but he too managed not to hit anything or actually go off the road. Today he had chains on his vehicle to navigate our mountain.

Sounds like I should just spend a few days staying nice and warm inside my quilt studio. I am most upset that I missed the January Breakfast Club. We started a mystery quilt in December and along with the rest of the the final design was revealed. I called the quilt shop and the class leader is not a computer techie so she is mailing me the steps. Just not the same as getting to sew along with everyone.

And my mailbox is at the bottom of the mountain...I'm certainly not going to walk down the mountain road any time soon...though I could use the exercise!

The first place I am driving to when my car is fixed is the tire shop...I'm getting studded tires...and a set of chains.


CecileD said...

Just one think : OMG !!!
The most important is that you were safe....Brrrrrr....
Big hugs Debbie !!

kellsgal said...

Debbie, so, so sorry about your car, but so grateful you are safe. I hope y'all get some snow soon. I will be there on the 8th - 26th. Hope I get to see you.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry to hear of your double trouble! we get ice here more than snow and we just stay off the roads when that happens

Sally said...

Debbie, You are so fortunate that you weren't hurt... I live in fear of snow and ice, especially ice. Having grown up in southern California and Arizona, I have no experience in driving under those conditions and therefore, am a wreck when I have to negotiate slick streets. We live about 7 miles outside town (town has 6000 people) and our roads are dirt roads....not easy to negotiate at the best of times. Just really glad you are safe and can stay home and sew....take care!

Donna quilts said...

OMG sliding off the road and into a tree would certainly shake a person up! I don't mind driving in snow, but icy roads make me nervous. The important thing is that you weren't hurt. Studded winter tires are definitely the way to go!

Dawn said...

Oh wow, it looks like something I would see in the movies, lucky for me I never have to experience the icy roads. Glad you weren't hurt and shame on hubby for laughing at you.

Cocopatch said...

wow, you are safe!