Friday, January 8, 2016

Sewing and Staining

I am six tabs away from finishing these stockings...they just need a few stitches to hold the hanging tabs in place.

Officially over halfway sewing my rows together.

And I just have one more coat of polyurethane. I have been busy! 

I needed to make "repairs" to 13 stockings in my collection. When I first started making these kits over 20 years ago...I used an adhesive backed felt to stick in place as a lining on the front pieces. A very bad idea...over the years the adhesive turned yellow and lost its stickiness. I was able to pull it off pretty easily. Now I have these six to make new linings for...

and these six stockings.

This stocking background got warped when I pulled the adhesive felt off I think I will replace the blue felt with a new piece. I think it will be fairly easy.

I wanted to share my recent present for myself. I like listening to audio books when I sew but getting the volume right for machine work with a speaker never worked well and I hate wearing ear buds after about 10 minutes. I saw these wireless bluetooth headphones on sale at Christmas time and decided to try a pair. I love them!!! My iPhone can be on my desk and I can walk all around my house while I listen. My ears can get a little hot when I'm doing something sanding furniture. So far that is my only complaint.

This afternoon we are going to visit Kinley. It has been a week since she went to the trainer. She's had a rough time adjusting to her new digs. We've missed her an awful lot too. 


Dawn said...

I guess after so much time and use, the stockings need an overhaul to keep them looking as good as new. Love my cordless headphones, I only listen to music when hubby is watching cricket but I can see how much fun they would be wearing them around the house listening to audio books.

CecileD said...

I think Kinley will be so happyyyyyy to see her Mom......and her Mom to see it !