Monday, September 9, 2019

Quilting Progress

I have been deciding how to quilt this top as I go...not my usual style. I spent months doodling on this one but never got in a rhythm. It was time to just sink a needle and make it happen.

I'll do several colors of thread so I started with the navy blue thread areas as this is the predominate thread used in this quilt.

Not sure the stars stitched in a field of pebbling is popping as much as I would like but I am happy with the technique I came up with to mark them on my quilt top. I found 2-inch star shapes on the internet to print on card stock. After trimming to shape, I used double stick tape to hold them in place for positioning and then outlined with chalk.

I have all the blocks made for the butterfly patch quilt. Such a fun quilt to make.

I got one little ornament finished last week.

A good start to September. 


Sally said...

I am not brave enough to quilt my own quilts - that's what I tell myself as I take them to my quilter! I love those felt ornaments...must get crackin' on mine!

Mary said...

I love the car ornament. Very cute.

Suz J said...

This one is going to be special once the quilting is complete. I love how you have adapted the butterfly pattern to suit your fabrics. Are you still going to do the nine patch border?