Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

 Happy Valentine's Day

I made a long list last Monday...I think it will take at least another week to put a dent in it! I did finish my little McGuffy quilt designed by Carrie Nelson.

McFruitCake - 31x31

Such a fun and easy pattern. I hope to make my batik version in queen size someday!

I've come up with a quilt design for my Hawaii batik quilt top...

The fabric reminds me of peacocks and Hawaii so that's where I got my two motifs for the alternating blocks in the quilt top.  Peacock feathers and pineapples.  Now I can't wait to get it quilted! (I use a sheet of tracing paper over an enlarged photo of the quilt to work out my designs. I then tape pieces of tracing paper together and lay it on the quilt top itself to check the final sizing of the design on the actual top and to work out where I will start and stop each motif. A lot can change once I'm actually at the machine.)


Bethany said...

I love the pineapples and peacock design. Very pretty together.

Marti said...

Love the colors in your quilt. Very cheery.