Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Can Sleep Under My Quilt

For the first time I have put my quilts on our bed. Gone are the Pottery Barn quilts we've used for 10 years. Why didn't I enjoy my workmanship? I had a cat - who was very appropriately named - Simba. He was a red tabby with long hair so soft and beautiful but I fought his hair like crazy. We got him to take care of rats we had coming into our garage to eat dog food. He was a wonderful hunter. In the fall of 2009 we said good bye to him at the age of 15 and yesterday I decided it was finally time to put my quilts on our bed since I no longer had to worry about clawing and cat hair.

Winding Bali Sea Star - 91 x 108
We slept under it last night...awww. I doubled the batting...this is going to become standard procedure for me ...look how it makes the quilting pop...

I have a large collection of HSTs left over from this quilt top that I hope to turn into pillow shams. 

And the show continues...

Wildlife Crossing - 98 x 98
Look how nicely this quilt fits on top of Winding Bali Sea Stars. This lovely quilt has been patiently waiting for over two years to see the light of day. 

It wasn't quite wide enough for my king bed but layered it works.

Elemental Strip Churn - 96 x 100
And also hiding for over a year is this lovely quilt with matching shams...

A lovely reward for a day spent cleaning.


Thelma said...

It also took me forever to put my quilts on our beds, but we don't sleep under them, I fold them and take them off the bed every night!! Oh well, at least they are out, like you say, seeing the light of day.

Your Winding Sea Star quilt is amazing, the color choices and the quilting, I'm so happy it's on your bed so I could see it!

Tizzie said...

The quilts are beautiful... I love that color combination!

My excuse is the four dogs that sleep with us with all the hair and the muddy paws, etc. Don't get me wrong, I love the dogs but it's a major issue that they sleep on the bed. I woke up in the middle of the night last night clinging to the edge of the mattress. LOL

I wanted a quilt in our room so I started making one to hang behind our bed, but I never finished it.

It's so cold here right now. I wish I had a couple of quilts on my bed!