Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Once again the bears come to the rescue when I don't have much to say. Last night, looking out my sewing room window I was looking into the eyes of mama bear...she was sitting right outside my studio window!!!!! Now I tried to get a photo but she wasn't in the mood to pose so all I got was a big glare on the window from my flash.

So just imagine...right where that flash is that a black bear is looking back at you. 

I haven't been home long enough to really get going on projects...dirty house, sick dogs and yard projects have been eating up my quilting time. Short term problem I'm sure. In the meantime...I have been fine-tuning a new EQ7 design inspired by a new line of Hoffman batiks that feature humpback surely makes me wonder...where do these fabric designs ideas come from? Who knew there would be quilters interested in fabric with humpback whales. It surprises me too! But...for the first time I tried to design the quilt before buying the fabric. Very rare order of events for me.

My first thought when approaching this design was using the storm at sea block.
Here's what was available in the block library of EQ.

It was enough to get me started. I also thought it would be interesting to show my first jab compared to my current version.

40 versions later...

 I have no idea if this is the final design...still thinking about colors (I feel the need for some lime green in there somewhere.) 


Vicki H. said...

Very pretty design and I love the fabric! I haven't seen a bear around here in a couple of years but to have one looking at me! Had that happen once in a car while we were out in the woods and gasp I don't want to be that close again.

Quilty Conscience said...

Love this version! Great ideas! I think I NEED EQ! My husband had a bear experience this weekend too. We are talking smaller black bear but still...! Toni

Cathy said...

That would be really, really creepy, to look out the window and see eyes staring back at you, regardless of what animal they belonged t let alone a big bear. Yikes!!! I love the humpback whale fabric, and the design you have to use it.

AnnieO said...

That is a pretty fabric! I like the handdrawn feel to the whales. Nice new pattern, 40 revisions later, lol! Hope you find the strength to stop changing it at some point :)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great pattern and fabric! That would be neat seeing a long as it couldn't get in.