Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tough on the Home Front

We have lost our dog, Forrest. We are searching for him like crazy and doing everything we can think of. We lost him in a rural area so he may be facing some wildlife dangers. Hopefully he headed toward people. You just never know with Berners. They are shy around strangers. As a result there isn't much else going on around the household. 

Sleep is the toughest commodity to come by right now so I have been doing some cross stitch to keep my mind from going crazy.

Mandolin Santa Ornament


Baker_ia said...

Sorry to hear about your lost dog. Hope he turns up for you it is scarry when they go missing.

Sabine said...

I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know the scary feeling, but I also know that they are clever enough to find their way home usually. And I like the beard on your Santa very much.

Cathy said...

Debbie, that's awful. I can hear the anxiety for him in your typing. I hope he shows up as found very soon.