Thursday, July 21, 2011

Into the Raging Water - The Calm Before

Time for a little levity. There were some "easy"'s all relative of course. 
Day 3 
I spent some time riding on another family's was good to visit with the ladies...Ballerina Girl,

and her mom...I don't have a photo of her mom right now...she was the trip's main photographer so you know how that still have to come up with a call sign for her. 

This raft had a luxury had a shade umbrella. (I thought I was going to talk about toilet habits again.)

Our group's big plan for the day was to visit the point where the Little Colorado River meets the Colorado River. It was a very tricky pullover but we made it. AK Santini and Z-man just missed it so they didn't get to experience it...but as I've already mentioned...they are thinking of going again so they might get another chance. I, however, can cross this off the bucket list.

The water of the the Little Colorado really was a beautiful, light turquoise...just like the photo shows! We swam around a little. It was much warmer than the Colorado River water. This lovely color is from minerals in the water. The bottom of the river bed was coated with a whitish clay material.

A few minutes after leaving this day spa we caught up with AK Santini and Z-man who had found our camp for the night and were unloading. This camp was most appropriate for our aviation family, "Crash Canyon." In 1956, two commercial airlines collided in mid-air near the confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers. At the time it was the worst airline disaster and led to the formation of  the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in 1958.

Day 4 - Warning...Major Rapids Ahead 

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