Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Into the Raging Water - Gruber Schmoober

Apparently I had too many adult beverages on this trip because I was using a GROOVER...not gruber...(Maybe too much Saturday Night Live influence. I think I was getting confused with McGruber skits...so much crap!) Through my error I have learned even more to enhance my experience. It's called a Groover because originally there was no comfy toilet seat on the metal box so you got some nice grooves on your backside when you used it. 

I still feel the need to explain how I found myself on this trip. Here is a major reason...

This was our guide book. We got this a few weeks before the trip. In it is a section of frequently asked questions. The first question - "So how hard is rafting the Grand Canyon?" The book's answer - "The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon has a reputation for difficulty that is not demonstrated in the injury data. First time river runners with no prior canyon skill and the most experienced kayakers can all have fun."

I saw the word fun and said...count me in! I like roller coasters...a racing heart beat in anticipation. 

Hmmm...injury data. Let me just ask...how would they compile information on injury data? A park ranger made sure we each had a life vest and wished us well at the launch location. Another park ranger crossed us off the the list when we pulled out of the water at the end. We got briefed a lot about using our satellite phone to call for help and setting up a helicopter landing site. We took our satellite phone and Z-man tried to use it at almost every camp site (he has a lovely girl friend)...only the first two and last two got reception. The other times we were too concealed by canyon walls to get reception. And a landing site of 75 feet...again...most of the time we were in the heart of the canyon and there is no way we had camps where helicopters could land.

So do you have to be helicoptered out to become part of the injury data

I don't bring this up because I want to try and change anything...I am just trying to make the point that you are truly on your own for most of this trip. There were other rafters, kayakers and commercial trips with boats that had motors so there could be additional help from those on the river with you...but no magic wand to whisk you to a doctor for most of the trip. 

Prayer is the most effective source of help on a rafting trip.


Lynette said...

Wow - That's quite the adventure!

The Quilted Finish said...

Glad to see you made it without injury. Thanks for a laugh out-loud.

The Quilted Finish said...

Oh and after reading the following posts regarding your river trip, it looks beautiful but I'm glad it was you and not me! Gone are my days of roughing it! Peeing from a moving raft ain't my idea of fun,lol.