Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday

I am so indecisive sometimes.
I have been trying to decide for a month whether to add the fish appliques to a quilt top and how to do it. It's a king-sized quilt and my biggest problem is not having a design wall large enough to accommodate the layout so I could ponder it fully. Then I had the idea to lay it on my bed and look at it.

It was so helpful! I kept making the fish swim into each other but seeing it on the bed I realized the quilt already had a "direction" to it so it made sense to make all the fish swim upstream. Now I can move onto fusing my appliques in place and top-stitching. 

Tomorrow, I meet with the ladies of my favorite quilting group, Breakfast Club, which is really a day-long event. We are tackling a Disappearing Nine Patch. Should be fun. Since prep time is limited for me, I have opted to stick with three fabrics. But of course there are more decisions to make. I am pulling from my stash which is mainly earth tones but somehow both my options involve basically the same colors...


or purple.
It's so hard to decide!

And I've been waiting for the Connecting Threads website to have a sale on thread. I need a stash for some top-stitching and for binding. Sew fun!


Renate said...

You like purple, huh? :-D (I totally agree with you...)

Upstream for the fish is definitely a winner! Looks pretty awesome!

Lynette said...

Good job on the fish. ;) Hey! I have that light green scrolly fabric.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

neat quilt, love the fish. I see you order from Connecting Threads too - I like their thread.

Baker_ia said...

I like the fish on your quilt they do work well. Disappearing Nine Patch is a fun quilt and so simple and yet it comes out well. I think I like Purple one on the top just a little better then the lower purple.

Lee said...

What beautiful purple and green fabrics! I'm sure you'll have fun working with those on a disappearing 9-patch. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )