Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fruit Loops

I'm so tickled...my blogging friend, Cathy from Ontario has been corrupted...and I take all the blame. She bought her first Bucilla stocking kits. I love her choices. I have all the kits she showed but one..I may have to get that one too!

I didn't find time to work on my stockings last night as I just had to open EQ7 and play with border options for "Island Chain." I have a real problem putting a plain border on a quilt...every time I do it I feel like I sacrificed part of the design. EQ7 makes it so easy to play with borders. I kept it simple.

I didn't import images of my fabrics but these from the program's palette will do. I'm not sure what color I will use for the green section. Here's my fabric again.

I'm leaning toward a turquoise...but of course purple goes with everything. I'm going to be cutting it close on having enough background fabric but I'm going to try.

I am patiently waiting to get Judy's new borders book...I've been hearing all the oohs and awes from Blogland...but it takes a while to get to Alaska...next time I'm giving her my Federal Express account number!


Baker_ia said...

Wow that is a cute quilt design love it. LOL do I have enought time to start one more project.

Cathy said...

I love your quilt, and I'm tickled that you're tickled. I've definitely been corrupted, but since I also do some corrupting of others, I guess it evens out. Now, do you have any suggestions on how to organize all the bits that come in the quilts, like the sequins and beads?

karenfae said...

oh sorry you haven't gotten your book yet - you will really enjoy it when you get it. I am going to be looking it over a lot the next two days at my moms place while taking care of her and maybe decide which pattern I want to try first.

Ellen in Florida said...

Last summer we got to attend the Alaska state fair. I saw some of the most gorgeous quilts there. That sparked my interest and now I'm addicted to quilting. Love the fruit loop pattern.

Ruth Hunter said...

Can you mention what the pattern is and where you got it. I'd love to do one.