Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Organized to Make Stockings

This is for Cathy...the latest convert to Bucilla stocking kits.

When you open your kit there are all kinds of wonderful parts to find...and since these kits are like potato chips...you can't make just one...you are going to benefit from a little organization. 

There will be a baggie with floss, beads and sequins.
Here are a few ideas for organizing the floss.

I also threw in a cuticle stick...I wanted to remember to mention it...I use it to aid with stuffing in little places. I think you can pick up these floss organizers at almost any craft store...maybe even Wal-mart's craft section.

Since I have an addiction to these kits I have invested in a "professional" floss organizer.

I got mine from Herrschners. I didn't see it on their website but it was in their most recent catalog. Here's a link to one I found on the internet. I made a cute little box with felt sides that roll up.

Stores away nicely.
Next...those tiny beads and sequins.

These are various containers I've used over the years. Most are available at craft stores. Beading stores are also a great place for some of these items. See the little metal triangles?  Those came from a beading store. I absolutely love them. They make for great pouring aids when putting the beads and sequins away in their special containers. 

 These are my current favorite organizers when working with the Bucilla kits...they are made by the company, Plano. Check your husband's fishing tackle box because that's what these were made for...fishing tackle.  I love these because the openings are large enough for me to actually work with directly...no pouring in and out of each individual colored beads or sequins as I need them. Your hubby will be so confused when you ask to hit the fishing tackle section of  sporting goods...my husband would be shocked! I found them while roaming the aisles with one of my boys at Sportsman's Warehouse. I thought it would be a tortuous outing but I came out a winner! I haven't been back in several years so I wonder if there is anything new and wonderful to discover...let me know if I'm missing anything.

Baggies are the best aid.  There are always little pieces that get cut from the felt as your working that you don't need right then...but you don't want to lose them. The felt likes to stick to things so I really recommend only cutting pieces as you need them...it is so easy to lose them if you cut them all out ahead of time. Ornament kits are different because sometimes there are two or three ornaments in a kit that are the same...just keep track of those cut pieces...I've lost a piece or two of felt over the years. Sometimes dimensional pieces are made and I normally don't tack those in place until as late as I can. As you get parts of the stocking finished it becomes bulkier to work with.

One more hint...Cathy is starting with some ornaments...a great idea! The kits always call for making hangers for the ornaments with floss from the kit...that works but I think there are better products. Floss tends to catch on the pine needles. I like using decorative cording.

Here's one of my ornaments with the decorative cording for a hanger.

Happy stitching!


Denise :) said...

Oh my! I found my way over here from Cathy's blog ... I'm afraid to go beyond this first post. LOL!! That little teapot ornament is just simply darling, and I'm thinking that may be all it takes. Ha! :)

Cathy said...

Oh my, oh my.... thank you for all those organization ideas. I really like the idea of the cording for the ornament hangers. So much prettier than the floss. I almost started tonight, but decided I should finish, or at least work on finishing, a sweater for Avery, since I think we are going to see him this weekend. And I agree with Denise, I love the teapot. How on earth am I ever going to find time for what could be the start of a new addiction???? LOL