Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

WIP (Works in Progress)

The top right blocks are from kits. The bottom right versions are from my stash. I love the wolf. This is such a messy process going through my stash to find just the right piece...and since I'm using batiks it usually means I'm cutting a hole in the middle of my fabric instead of grabbing a piece from the edge to get just the right color.

A couple of folks have asked about where to get the pattern...not available as far as I know. It was a shop hop pattern for Alaska in 2010. I have only seen one shop hop pattern released later as an entire pattern to purchase after the fact and that was for the 2009 shop hop...whichI will tackle sometime this year. There is only one other flower block in the quilt and most were drawn to the flowers. Now it's critters and fish that fill out the rest of the blocks.


karenfae said...

I was one that asked about the patterns to bad they are not available - sure are pretty.

Cathy said...

They all look so wonderful!!! I'm drooling over them.