Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 UFOs - 0 for 2

I'm an excellent gather. Not so great at being a finisher.
This is the second month I have failed to finish a UFO. 
(I heard you gasp with disappointment.)

I've been thinking about the January UFO a's uncharted territory...the next step is top-stitching and drawing with thread to enhance the appliques. I've been thinking about doing the thread play on each block with a piece of batting underneath. After I'm done I would trim away the excess...kind of like a fake trapunto effect. I don't like quilting through the appliques on my longarm but I want a quilted effect...I thought this might work. But of course I need to experiment on a practice piece before I touch the real blocks.

One day I will take the plunge...hopefully  very soon.

I thought the February UFO would be so easy to finish...but I didn't have enough fabric for the layout design I came up with in EQ7. (Initially I planned to go with the layout provided by Shannon at Pieceful Kwilter) I have everything now so hopefully I will get the top done this month.

March's UFO...#8....another tough one with lots of work. A Moda U design that involves finishing several hand applique blocks. But even more tough...I need to come up with a final layout for the design.

Perhaps you thought I had another wildlife encounter?
I did...bright and early this morning...leaving the building site...

here's my new friend. Bullwinkle of Bellwinkle...I don't know the difference without antlers in the fall.

I was almost close enough to touch this really didn't care about me at all. I guess that's a good thing.

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LynCC said...

I think moose are so cool! I sure would love to see one. Don't beat yourself up about those UFOs. :D