Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm jumping into the discussion about copyrights in the quilting world. I don't want rules and regulations shutting down this beautiful treasure that's been a major part of the history of women. I just read a blog that was well researched and includes a video that is very thought provoking and well worth the time to watch. If you haven't read it yet...please do. I'll say it again...please take the time to watch the video.
Here's the link to Leah Day's blog
My thanks to Judy Laquidara for posting this on her blog

Because we are so fortunate to live in a digital age these issues are hot right now. I think it is very important for all quilters to think about these issues and decided where they stand. I don't want lawyers deciding how it should work...I want us...the quilters who use this mostly as a hobby to decide. If you frighten hobby quilters and restrict their creativity it will hurt the quilting industry for everyone...even those who work hard to make an income from it. What I love about quilting is the sharing...can you imagine a quilting world where you can't share a technique on your blog because it is copyrighted?  I'm totally blown away to learn there are fabrics with "For Personal Use Only," printed on the salvages. Really? The fabric I just bought at retail prices I can never turn around and sell cut up in a quilt? Are the labels on our quilts going to require lists of every designer's fabric we used? It's getting crazy!


Cathy said...

I so very much agree with you. I have some of that designer's fabric here, in a layer cake, that said nothing about personal use. So can she sue me if I make something and try to sell it? It is getting so very crazy out there with all this copyright stuff. How can they ever expect that they have the right to control what we do with something we legally bought, therefore legally own.

QuiltSwissy said...

I agree, To bad this in happening.

I have sewn scraps of fabric together for years and years. leftover stuff. And now there's a blog promoting that practice. I did a presentation at my local guild and even referenced her, she got all up in arms over copyright. Can you imagine not being able to sew your SCRAPS back together? And not being able to TALK about it?