Friday, March 30, 2012

Quilting Treat

Yesterday was my monthly quilt gathering, Breakfast Club. What a treat to be with women and not at the house building site with men! I was definitely in my comfort zone for a change. 

The best part of Breakfast Club is show and tell.

First up was the project from last month, Oso, from Carrie Nelson's book, "Another Bite of Schnibbles." This is Erin's version done in Thimbleberry fabrics. 

Here's a peek at Erin with this adorable Birdhouse quilt...all the houses have dimensional embellishments. 

And here's another project from Erin. This is such a cute Christmas runner. Erin quilted a holly leaf with berries in the center of every square...her first venture into freehanding a design. I'm so sorry my photo is out of focus! 

Kathy paid us a visit and delighted us with this runner she just made up! This will hang as a valance in her kitchen window. It is stunning.

Here was the big bang finish...a king-sized batik beauty made by Kathy. The pattern is Shadow Box by Mountain Peek Creations. She had the perfect backing...why didn't the photographer get a shot of a corner turned up to show? 

I plucked away on the border for my Oso quilt top only to realize my calculations were off...seems to be a pattern lately in my border making...grrrr. Thankfully, I had brought another project that required lots of mindless sewing just in case...multitasking is not my strong suit lately.

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karenfae said...

I love that Shadow Box pattern - so nice!
Meeting the ladies is nice isn't it - I was out today and ran into my friend at a shop that we hadn't planned - a short visit but nice.