Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mini Break

The moving saga continues. I was forced to stay home at the new house today to meet the cable installer. I had two hours in my studio and I actually feel like I got somewhere...but as I sit here and look's hard to tell there's been any improvement. But I have a plan.

I  also spent some time on the computer...and maybe you heard me squeal...there are four newly released Bucilla stocking designs. Of course I like them all so I will share.

Blue stockings are pretty popular...I have a few kits from previous years that would look great with this one!

Chickadees!!! Perfect for Alaska!

This is just plain fun...parachuting Santa and friends. 

And this stocking has a companion kit of ornaments. I just love them!

But here is my absolute favorite of the four...Marianette Santa.

Love the three-dimensional puppets!!! Where is my charge card? I see three of the stockings are already in stock at Supply Craft...the absolute best prices I've found for these kits on the internet. If you find them cheaper...let me know!


Diane said...

the stocking 'retail therapy' was just what you needed-moving is such a huge pain-it will get done (easy for me to say, I know)

Sand and Sunshine said...

How wonderful. I'm partial to the blue one myself, looking forward to seeing you bring them to life.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

they are all great - I have never seen someone so hooked on Xmas socks as you are :) how you get both quilting and socks done is beyond me!

Cathy said...

Those look like so much fun. If you order them, you'll at least know where they are, rather than having to dig through boxes and totes to find the others. LOL

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Such cute stockings! Are those the ones that have been around for a thousand years? When I was a kid, my mom used to get a catalog in the mail that had stocking kits like those.

Hope you're getting settled in and finding a little time to play.