Friday, June 29, 2012

Puppy Love

We officially only own one house. I left my old home in beautiful condition but it took a toll everywhere else in my life to make that happen. I am really struggling with all the mess of the new house. I still have that feeling of my chest being crushed and not able to breath properly. Sleep has been rather elusive, too. I am hopeful I will make great headway now that I can concentrate on one place.

In the walks continue. I live about a third of the way up on a mountainside. My new routine is to walk up the mountain. The road goes about two-thirds up the mountain and then it's trailblazing to get to the top. I've only made it to the end of the road. It gets the heart pumping.

Does it look a little dreary? Yep...those are clouds obscuring the top of the mountain. A fresh layer of snow is just visible. Sigh...most of it melted's summer...really!

Perfect dog walking weather.

Tonka was on litter patrol...found a discarded Starbucks cup.

We have a beautiful waterfall to's the bottom half.

And the top on the other side of the road.

I don't stand right here often...I can just imagine a boulder flying down with that water and taking me out with it! All this water comes from the snow-pack on the top of the mountain...probably a little glacier or two along the way. I might find out first hand someday. I'll just get a little site seeing trip in my husband's floatplane...much easier than hiking.

Everyday this week...several times a day...we have seen our new neighbor...I call him Great Scott...cuz he is really big! His antlers are growing like crazy.

And now an incredibly adorable photo. I was picking up dog food at the feed store and ran into this little fellow, Hugo.

12 weeks old! Gosh I had so much fun...he is absolutely the definition of "adorable." I want one! Oh yeah...I've got two already. But they are like potato chips...can't have just one.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

oh what a cute puppy and I don't even have dogs and I would want that one :) I actually would like a dog but I know hubby doesn't - and it is hard when we travel now and then. Also that dog doesn't look like it would take the Arkansas heat very well!
Love your hike - thanks for sharing - now maybe a silly question but I know you have bear in the area and moose of course - do you have to carry a gun with you, bear spray - something in case of bear or do you just make noise while you are hiking to alert the bears you are coming like I do when hiking in the Rockies?

Cathy said...

Just look at the face on that puppy!! Those eyes would make the coldest Grinch melt!! It looks like you have such a beautiful setting to live and walk in. If it weren't for the winters up there, I just might be a tad envious. LOL!!

Diane said...

puppy eyes will get you every time!
I know that chest pressure feeling--too much to do. Deep breaths and walking breaks and you will get it done.
You must pinch yourself living in such glorious surroundings.