Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Show and Tell

Now it's time to see the fun projects the ladies of Breakfast Club brought in to share. First is a quilt pattern from a magazine that Jane did as an exchange with some of her quilting pals, an asterisk quilt. Her border was made by piecing 1-inch strips. Beautifully done!

I apologize ahead of time...don't know the name of this pattern but I believe it is an Eleanor Burns one that utilizes a template to use with strips. The maker, Bobbie, assured us this was a pretty simple quilt to put together...it sure doesn't look simple. I really like this pattern and did try to find it on Eleanor Burns website. 

Next up are three quilts from Kathy. First, this sweet little bear paw.

A simple charm square quilt top.

And the last one from Kathy is another fun and simple quilt. A friend had signed up for a quilt class and was unable to attend at the last minute so Kathy grabbed her spot.

It was great to see this quilt from Von. It was a Breakfast Club pattern from a couple of years ago. I missed that Breakfast Club and never made this pattern...it's a charm square pattern. Adorable. And Von is my kind of quilter...she goes big! I think the pattern was more of a wall hanging size. This would look so cute with the stack of 1930's fabric I've had for 15 years!

And last, Carol's scrap quilt that she threw together. Very pretty!

But wait...I have one more treat from Breakfast Club to show you.

Von is leaving Alaska...and this is her tattoo. Look carefully. The roots of the tree create the shape of the state of Alaska. She won't be forgetting her Alaska roots. Sew perfect.


Sand and Sunshine said...

Wow love the blue one. I'd love to play around with that pattern myself... :-D

What a intricate tattoo. I don't have any but my wife radar goes off whenever women compliment DH's. I swear I can see right through them.

Diane said...

your post is like a mini quilt show! thanks for sharing.