Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012...What a Year...Five More Months Left

I mentioned on New Year's Day that 2012 was going to be a busy year for me. We were in the middle of building a house. I knew my husband would be putting in for a position in Paris and I fully expected him to get it. I feared all along I would have to give my dogs up and that has now become a reality. I am looking for a new home for them and I am close to having a wonderful story to tell...so despite many tears already shed there will be a few more before we get there.

The next big event I have to get through is sending my baby bird to college. This week is devoted to getting ready for his departure in late August. Helping him sign up for classes, booking airline tickets, buying dorm linens...shedding more tears. (Really, I'm fine...just a little soggy.)

Blogging might be more of a stress reliever than creative outlet. I did do some retail fabric therapy...though I have absolutely no idea when I will ever find time to touch a sewing machine again. I think my lack of gardening this summer led to a "must have" feeling when I saw these batiks. These three pieces of fabric were tremendously cheaper than putting in landscaping at the new house so totally justifiable.

I have some design ideas for each piece so maybe I will find time to play in EQ7. The new house is still a wreck...no closet shelves so unpacking isn't getting anywhere. I have a couple of weeks left to enjoy my dogs and a little over a month to try and look at my son without crying. It wasn't nearly this hard when my older son left the nest...but I've heard I am quite typical...the last one to leave the nest is the toughest...for mom. (I really need to get a tissue box by my computer...don't know where to find one in all the moving boxes!)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so many changes all at once! I feel for you - having children grow up and leave home is very hard on us mothers - I know been through it twice and then what seemed like a third time when my youngest married an Air Force guy and moved totally out of our area. You have more to deal with than though - the dogs, the new house, spending part of your time in Paris (wow) you will get used to it, it just takes time.

LynCC said...

Paris! What an adventure. :D I'm sorry you have to let go of your Fur Friends. That would be tough. Living in Paris will be wonderful, though!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Goodness Gracious your under a lot of pressure right now. Tissues, deep breathing exercises, something. Take care.

Cathy said...

WOW!! So many things happening in your life. so many changes, some exciting....... Paris!!!....... some sad. No wonder your emotions are all over the place. Keep us all posted. We'll enjoy the highs with you, and sympathize with the lows. And even if there is no chance for sewing, designing in EQ is often the next best thing.