Thursday, July 12, 2012

Won't See That in Paris

Thank you my dear friends for you words of support and encouragement. 

Our summer has been very gray and cool (daytime temps are in the 50s.) A bit of a disappointment although everyone here pretty much agrees it is better than 100 degrees with devastating fires so we are trying not to complain.  

We spent a night in Talkeetna which is usually very sunny this time of year with spectacular views of Mt. McKinley, but not this summer. Talkeetna is a tiny town best know as the place where climbers of Mt. McKinley catch their flights to base camp. It's also right where the Susitna and Talkeetna rivers meet which is prime King Salmon fishing...but not this summer either. Fish counts are so low there is no fishing allowed for King Salmon. But we had our cabin reserved almost a year ago so we made the best of it. 

Walking the dogs around town, my thoughts were on Paris. I don't think I will see any electric outlets in parking lots in Paris. Talkeetna gets more snow and even colder temperatures than Anchorage so having a place to plug in your car's engine block while you are at work all day is a nicety.

I wonder how many other things I will notice in the next couple of months that I won't be seeing in Paris?

I might have to tell you about my first trip to Talkeetna someday...lots of Alaskans have boat stories...I'm one of them.


Michelle said...

Funny thing Debbie, is that there ARE parking spots in Paris w/ electrical plug-ins...for plugging in your electric car!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

no fishing of the King Salmon, wow, I hadn't heard the fish count being low,nor of such cooler temps and gray weather for the summer. That is sad because you are so cold for most of the year you all in Alaska deserve some sunny warmer weather for a couple months.
We use to have to plug our car in to electric in the winter some times in Idaho when we lived there, not all the time just now and then.