Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sew Good

Three nights ago I was sitting at my desk, watching TV and doing a little stitching on a Christmas ornament. Jenny was sleeping against the basement door. I noticed a movement outside. It was a baby black bear coming to check out my dog...through the glass of the door. I tried to get a photo but I was trying not to scare the bear so by the time I had my camera ready to go the dogs had seen the bears (there was a mamma and another baby bear) and the barking commenced.  You just have to imagine an adorable baby black bear peeking in the door at Jenny.

Then last night I decided it was finally time to set up my sewing machine and turn it on. I'm missing the knee lever...have to use my spare that is for regular tables so it travels to classes with me...not as comfortable. Sure hope I find it soon! I started working on June's Breakfast Club blocks.

Tonight I also started putting rows together on a quilt from May's Breakfast Club.

July's Breakfast Club was today but I only stopped in to say "hi," and spend money on more fabric for the stash. There was a sale...50% off the ends of bolts and there were several batiks to choose from.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

.wow, bears by the door peaking in - that must have been quite a sight to see!
Fabric on sale is a must in my opinion - I rarely buy anything full price anymore. I even try to see if I can buy all my groceries on sale - hard to do and I can never fully succeed in that!

Gale said...

I can only imagine the surprise of seeing bears in my backyard. I would like to ask you what kind of sewing table you have. I've been trying to make this decision for a while and I think I finally have decided I'm worth it. Is it a SewPerfect table?

Lynette said...

Awww :) Would love to have a bear cub peeking in at us. Yeah - I get my text highlighting itself sometimes for no reason. Last week I noticed a way to fix it. Open the post in the editor function. click the "html" tab. Comb through the Greek until you find a section of text preceded by < s p a n s t y l e = (without those extra spaces - it won't let me copy/paste code in here), and then you delete the portions that say: "background-color: white;".

Looking at the code for the first paragraph of texting on your page, it has really convoluted itself with excess span style thingies.