Monday, July 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I'm's a picture of Marcia's completed "3,6,9." She made kits for the shop so mine will look very much like this...someday. 

I'm still working on unpacking the studio. I'm thinking the studio will get set up before our closets do...but maybe the family shouldn't rely on a quilter's priorities when it comes to finishing a house.

This photo shows one of the two chrome shelves I set up yesterday. I hope to make a major dent in the removal of boxes because I can cram a lot of stuff on those shelves!

Here's why there is still no sewing going on. The table for my machine is currently the computer table. Absolutely no room for anything else on that table!

I did finish another Santa ornament. Avignion Santa from the series of Medieval Santas. He looks right at home on the keyboard.

Time to go check out what everyone else is doing over at Judy's place.


Pieces of Time said...

Cleaning up an area is so hard, especially for me. But after it is done I do feel more productive. So just get to it because a quilt is waiting in the wings.
Jane in hot Kansas

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my goodness! that is a lot of beautiful fabric that you have on those shelves - sometimes I feel like selling off all of my old fabric - cram it in zip lock bags and go for the new stuff that I like - tastes have changed over the years.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I love your blog. I enjoy the glimpses into the nature around you and as a dog lover myself, I enjoy hearing about your hounds! Good luck with the settling into the new house.
Conny from Red Deer, Alberta

Ivory Spring said...


Thanks for visiting me, and leaving the kind comment! :) Looking forward to see how things unfold in your studio!!

LynCC said...

I love your Santa! Yeah - isn't moving a pain for quilters? ;D It seriously cramps our style! I was excrutiatingly good and left the unpacking/squaring away of my sewing area for almost-last. I didn't make it to my goal of no machine sewing until all boxes were taken care of. Still have a few in the dining area and hall closet. I'll have to start all over again whenever our old house sells and we can buy a house here. That task'll be 400 times bigger, since right now most of our belongings are in storage! I'll have to set up some kind of reward system, like "Unpack 10 boxes, get to sew a unit of progress". lol!

Suz said...

I am so curious about how your "breakfast club" works??