Saturday, July 7, 2012

Decorating Tips

I'm still plugging away on the sewing room organization.

 I love the sturdiness and flexibility of using chrome shelves but the wire shelves themselves present a problem. Things catch on the wires when trying to move items on and and off the shelves. I spent several trips wandering around Home Depot and Lowe's trying to think of a solution to line the shelves. I thought about buying sheets of Formica but cutting those to size required professional tools. One fellow at Home Depot suggested using tile...he had seen it done and thought it looked great. Well...I certainly had the tools to cut the tile to size but that seemed more bulky than I really wanted. 

I guess I wandered enough...laminate tile sheets are the answer. 

I can cut them to size using a razor knife. It's not easy but three runs of the razor to score the tile is enough to flex it to snap. Here's a look at the newly lined shelves. 

I did my entire pantry with this method and it is working like a charm. 

Very easy to keep clean.  Just a bit time consuming cutting the tiles. I get tired after about three shelves or nine tiles. Not as easy to cut as fabric.

I did not pull off the paper backing completely...just a little around each edge. The adhesive is very sticky and long black dog hair seemed especially attracted to it...not a good thing. I think it took me two weeks to organize my pantry. I finished it on the 4th of July...I was definitely up for a little celebration.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

slowly but surely you are getting organized! Great idea.

LynCC said...

Very good idea - it looks terrific, too. And I'm jealous that you have such a nice, humongous pantry. :D

Sand and Sunshine said...

Looks great well worth your efforts.