Sunday, December 23, 2012

Art Museum vs. Christmas Shopping

Today my son and I went to the Louvre Museum. Apparently most of Paris thought it was a good place to be instead of Christmas shopping...but I do have to mention there is a great mall underneath the Louvre...complete with a Starbucks and Apple store...everything this American girl needs.

We were going to watch the dvd, "Da Vinci Code," last night but turns out the blue-ray player I bought doesn't play regular dvds...whoops! I read the book years ago but never saw the movie. Maybe I'll see it before my next visit to the Louvre...because I don't think it is possible to ever see everything in that museum.

I was all excited to see a visiting exhibit of Raphael's work from Italy. My 18-year-old-son just breezed through that exhibit...I figured paintings didn't really interest him. Thank goodness we came to the statues! He found those very interesting and we even saw a wing of the Louvre that was decorated as Napoleon the III had it when he lived there. Quite spectacular. Most of the areas we visited today were not too terribly crowded but then we decided to see the Mona Lisa before we left...gotta do that! That's where everyone was...horribly crowded in the Italian paintings section. We couldn't wait to get outside afterwards.

We trekked to the Latin Quarter and met my husband there for some Greek food. It was delicious and sorely needed to restore my good mood. It's very funny to be around a hungry young we were eating a heavy meal at 4p.m. he was already thinking about dinner! My husband and I told him we could point in the direction for a meal later in the evening...but we would not be joining him. I forgot all to quickly how much my sons could eat!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't have sons but I do have a grandson and a lot of nephews and I have seen how they eat! bottomless pits.
The museum sounds terrific, guess you need to find another blue ray player - the movie you mention was good if I remember it right.
have a great Christmas - did you decide what to cook for your meal in your little kitchen?

LynCC said...

I'm so jealous that you can just go to the Louvre whenever you want. :) That's so cool. DaVinci Code would be really cool to watch, too.

Luann said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you! Soak it all in now as those 5 years will fly by!
Hungry sons! We've got 6 of them! All are always hungry!

Suzanne said...

The Louvre has to be seen in many small visits or it is overwhelming. I dairy bill dropped dramatically when our son moved out.