Monday, December 17, 2012

Typical Monday

Everyday has a little adventure in it. On Sunday I visited a different market that is right by my Starbucks. I really needed some more cheese but I noticed mostly soft cheeses at all the cheese vendors...and of course I forgot my camera. But I did find a new stall to try where prepared meals were being sold. I really find cooking in my small kitchen a little frustrating. There was a yummy looking lasagna so we tried it last night.

It looked great and baked up nicely but we were disappointed. Too salty and the meat just tasted husband thinks they use horse sometimes for their ground meat. I don't know what it was...but it wasn't pork and I didn't like it. Darn...I really wanted a simple solution to cooking in my kitchen.

But my second purchase looks more safe. I also bought two roasted chickens which are pretty small and some roasted veggies. We will have this for dinner tonight.

Monday's agenda: 1) get more passport photos for the continuing saga of visa applications, 2) Mail visa documents with photos and signature paperwork to our Paris bank, 3) Purchase adapter for US power cords. 

Our local metro stop (subway station) has an automated photo booth and that is the accepted route to go for passport photos around here...not my best photos. To mail everything I went to our neighborhood "Mailboxes Etc." and found some great help...meaning someone spoke English...I am so thankful for French people who speak English!!!

Our French lessons start after the new year.

I wanted to get an adapter for the power cord on my sewing machine so as I was walking I stumbled on  a store with yarn in the I looked closer there were embroidery kits and...embroidery floss. But the store is closed on Sundays and Mondays. I cannot wait to go there tomorrow. The store that sells the US adapters was also closed. I hit the local grocery store to buy an adapter but the line was so tremendous I gave up...I have never seen that store so crowded...a Monday at 11:45 a.m....go figure.

My sewing machine did get is all in one piece and looks very anxious to get used. Now the big decision is what to start working on. I'm thinking about starting a kit I bought on EBay for a steal...

I've had this kit for years and never started it because I wanted to make two versions at one time...the kitted version and a more modern, batik version. I think the batik version was holding me back so time to just go with the easy version. Totally not my style of kit but it may make a nice would also look lovely in my traditional Paris apartment.


LynCC said...

ooo - different colors from my norm, too, but that's going to be very pretty. I actually want to do up a quilt in a primitives color scheme some time.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have seen that pattern at the Paducah Quilt show on display past April, my daughter loved it, but it was not something I cared for - not my type.
Maybe you need to get a crock pot to put in your kitchen - soups and stew for winter and then by spring maybe you will have your little kitchen figured out better? I have a very tiny kitchen in the motorhome and it is hard for me to think what to cook also when we are in it - 2 burners and a microwave no oven. I do a lot of one dish meals when we travel or like you buy a prepared one now and then.

Sand and Sunshine said...

What a big day, and you're running like that everyday. Wow. I like the idea for the quilt. Who knows maybe you'll come up with something wonderful for a batik on in the future or perhaps not. Either way happy sewing.

Suz said...

I wonder if the mince is made finer or coarser than you are used to - this makes such a big difference to the final taste of it. Hopefully it wasn't horse! I'm really enjoying your stocking construction videos - what nice neat looking hands you have!!