Friday, December 21, 2012

Cheery Travels

Today my son and I walked our legs off! We started out walking to the Eiffel Tower and then walked along the Seine River.

We crossed the river to the Concorde...

which sits right in the middle of one of Paris's major  thoroughfares.
The obelisk marks where the guillotine was set up during the French Revolution that was used to behead Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette. 

Right off the Concorde is the Champs Elysees. For Christmas the street was lined on both sides with Christmas booths and a Christmas village...

complete with a ice skating trail around an animal village.

Not a great photo but there were polar bears with penguins and arctic wolves. Just a little irritating to me...penguins live on the other pole...not with polar bears and arctic wolves. I love penguins too but this always bugs me!

At the end of the Champs Elysees we ended our tour at the Arc de Triomphe.

Despite grey skies it was a pleasant temperature and the city was very festive with Christmas decorations. 


LynCC said...

fun :) (not sure how I would feel, having a guillotine reminder right there every time I drove through! seems a tad ghoulish?)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like a fun day - I agree with you on the penguins - I think most people think "cold weather" that is where all those animals live together!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Oh what fun! Sorry about the penguins.