Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Sites

We had two days of rainy weather so today's sunshine was a welcome change. I sauntered up to the Eiffel Tower today for my walk and crossed the Seine River to the Trocadero where a Christmas village of shops was set up. It was very crowded and I didn't find anything to buy but I thought it was fun to see a small ice skating rink set up.

Not the best photo of the ice rink...maybe during a weekday I can get some better photos.

Good news...the flocked Christmas tree prices have been reduced by 50% today. Lots of white trees left...not too many of the hot pink or red pepper colors left. And I see the black flocked tree is gone already...I committed too early and went with the traditional natural green!

Painted twigs and clusters of glass balls are prevalent in the Christmas decor for businesses. That's what caught my eye today. Unfortunately I wasn't patient enough to wait in the huge line at Starbucks today...I was so looking forward to an afternoon caffeine fix.


Cathy said...

I love looking at your Paris pictures, and reading about what you are doing. It seems strange to hear someone say that they are going for a walk to the Eiffel Tower. LOL! Are you enjoying have daylight for more hours during the day than you would be if you were in Alaska?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I bet you are enjoying more daylight - hadn't thought of that until I saw the previous comment. Is that your Christmas tree in the last photo? pretty.