Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Break in Silence

Our internet has been frustratingly slow the past few days so I wasn't able to post.  I have less than two weeks until I return to Alaska for a couple of months so I have a deadline now.

First up...I finished the top of the latest stocking...Santa's Catnap. The kit photo didn't show the third cat at the bottom of Santa's chair so that was a little bonus.

I think I will take the three stocking tops I made since January to Alaska and add the lining and backing. I buy additional felt to complete the stockings and haven't seen any place here to buy felt. Of course I have a nice stash of felt in my Alaska sewing room.

I finished a cross-stitch ornament, Painting Toys. I back all my ornaments with green wool felt...I have a stash of that in my Alaska sewing room, too.

I finished the blanket stitching on the last two blocks of "My True Love Gave to Me."

Many of these blocks need some additional embroidery but instead of making due with my current supplies I will wait and finish these next fall when I come back to Paris. I'll bring a small light box and a marking pen.  I also need to play in EQ with the layout...I have an idea that is different than the one from the pattern.

I have gotten the appliqué fusing done on nine blocks for another Nancy Halvorsen Christmas quilt, "I Believe." I might work on the blanket stitching for these blocks for the next two weeks.

The weather changed last is warm! I must go shopping today...I'm roasting...I only brought cold weather clothing. I always expected to buy some new clothes for warmer weather. My Alaska stash of warm weather clothing is old and very limited so I didn't bother to bring any of it. There are MANY shopping areas in Paris but I think I will hit the Champs Elysees strip. I will find the typical American stores there...Banana Republic, Gap, Adidas...and some inexpensive chain stores from Europe. It will be packed...with the nicer weather the population seems to have exploded.


Suz said...

Wow, you have been busy - love all your applique blocks, come Xmas time your paris apartment will be filled with Xmas quilts, stockings and ornaments (just like the alaska home)

Donna quilts said...

I just love Nancy Halvorsen's fabric and projects, as obviously you do too! Is "My True Love gave to me" a pattern from a book? Hope you have a wonderful day shopping!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you will be busy then for the next couple weeks getting ready to go home and do some shopping before then.

Caroline Ingalls said...

Les Galeries Lafayette et Le printemps are good places to start shopping... during the week because it's really full on WE!

Sarah said...

The stockings look really nice! It figures that the Paris weather would warm up after we were back in the US. :-) It wasn't bad while we were there, and if it caused some of the crowds to be smaller... I'm good with that.

Safe travels back to Alaska!

Bonnie Melielo said...

You are coming back to Alaska for a couple of months???? You spot at Jazzercise is waiting for you!! When do you return?