Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mainz, Germany

Morning walk in Mainz...34 degrees...my husband checked...it was 33 in Anchorage.

 But it was sunny and maybe it's going to be the coldest summer for Europe in over 130 years too...so I'm trying to just get on with enjoying the day! My husband directed me to a park and the plants there are trying to get on with warmer weather too.

I have no idea what this pokey looking shrub is but it gets points for interesting texture.

Lots of small flowering bulbs are popping up...

A perennial bed starting it's season.

We have a similar flower like those below that grows in wilds of Alaska.

My favorite kind of grass...mixed with naturalizing flowers.

The walk back to the Mainz plaza...adorable boutique shopping...didn't bring any money or credit cards on the walk...poor planning on my part.

Adorable buildings wherever I look...

Market day for Mainz.

Then I decided to walk down to the Rhein River...it was just two blocks away. This would be a great place to sit on a warm and sunny day!

A pair of swans...I guess they don't mind the brisk breeze...I was chilled.

Back to the Mainz shopping plaza. Here's the back side of Mainz Dom...the front side is covered in scaffolding. This is the cathedral my husband and I got to tour in the dark when we were here last November.  This terra cotta brick is everywhere...it matches the color of their soil so it is obviously locally produced. I think it is lovely.

We might do a little shopping before heading to Frankfurt this afternoon.  Not expecting any cute buildings there...it was annihilated during the bombing of WW II so it is full of all new buildings and very industrial. I'll see what I can find there to do for a couple of days.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful! must remember some cash next time :) never know what you can find - or is it good planning on your part not to bring the credit card and cash LOL - good budgeting!
I love seeing little flowers growing in the grass - that is kind of what we have here - I have poor soil and what I have growing isn't really grass in most places but a mixture of low growing weeds that flower from time to time.