Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Little Paris Sewing Room

I just love my little Paris sewing room.  I'm trying to get some major projects done before I head to my big Alaska sewing room in May.

I'm making progress on my blanket stitching...

just two blocks to go on this project.

I have a 440 Aurora Bernina and it is great for this project. I bought a #23 foot to make this job much easier as the foot is clear plastic and has a little channel that really helps me follow the edge of the appliqué.

So while all the fabric is strewn about from this project I went ahead and started another blanket stitch Christmas quilt.

Just working on the fusible appliqué part of this project. 

And just a quick look at the progress on my latest stocking.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how long will you stay in Alaska when you come back? I bet you are excited to see your new home again and continue to work on how you want it, I remember that you had just moved in it and hadn't even had everything unpacked it seems when you took off for Paris. And I bet you look forward to seeing your sons and your friends!