Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year

I have been enjoying reading other bloggers' New Year's Resolutions. Even if they don't make resolutions most have project lists or goals. I'm working on my lists. 

My number one goal is to create more of my own original quilt designs and write patterns to post on my blog...for free! A big hurdle will be conquering the graphic art side to illustrate my patterns. I love Bonnie Hunter with her blog and all the great patterns she offers...for free...but she relies on photos of each step which makes her directions long. The pattern I have done free on my blog is the same technique but I really want to get to a more condensed format. My ultimate goal is a book. I think this a very interesting time with technology and self publishing. I could go paperless and just do a digital format. I think I am completely capable of doing that so it's what I am working toward. I like it when designers offer their patterns for a limited time on their websites for free and then pull those into a book...I'm thinking along those lines.

I have tons of ideas so stay tuned. My current theme of work revolves around inspiration from my home, Alaska. I am to the border stage of my latest design, "Bear Ridge." My Paris apartment is a terrible location for taking photographs of quilts...sorry for the poor photo quality. The focus batik is a bear print..hard to tell from the photo. The finished size of the quilt will be 105 x 105 inches. I am a biggie-size quilt maker...or rather...a maker of biggie-sized quilts.

I will be adding some baby bear paw blocks to the border. Here's a drawing of what I think I will do...but I could change my mind!

EQ7 is a wonderful toy! I haven't figured out how to out-smart the program yet to get what's in my head to the design without lots of extra blocks in the drawings. I'm hoping to improve my knowledge of the program this year...a second goal.

I am almost out of black thread...oh no...wonder how much that's going to cost me to buy in Paris? I don't have enough to finish the border so it is a must-buy situation. At least I have a notions shop nearby.

I have been in a cross-stitching mood lately. Seems to coincide with quilt designing as while I'm stitching I often get ideas and run to my computer or make a quick sketch. I got another Santa nutcracker ornament done.

I'd best get on with the rest of the day. Almost time to do a little shopping. Grocery shopping is a constant chore in Paris.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

great ideas that you have for your goals! although some patterns are long when including photos the photos really help a lot in showing people how to make them. If you are a visual learner you really depend on them - just saying

Cathy said...

I really like the idea of some patterns for your designs. The one you are doing now is definitely one I would do. The bear paws in the border add a lot to the quilt. They'll take more to do, but will be worth it in the end.

kellsgal said...

Love the bear paw quilt, Debbie. I love your work always so inspiring. Miss ya

audrey said...

Your bear paw quilt looks wonderful! Great idea to offer your patterns free for a limited time. That seems to help build a loyal following.